Drafty House in Rancho Cordova – Haunted? Or Do I Need Insulation?

While watching TV last night, I was just drifting into a lovely dreamy state of relaxation when a rush of chill air drifted by me.
I really thought I might have been visited by some ghost of a past resident. Halloween is approaching, and the temperatures are coming down in the evenings, and the wind is kicking up. I dismissed the fearful thought, and returned to my TV. Do I need am insulation contractor?

Yesterday, I got my new utility bill, with a notice that rates are changing for winter. This old house is charming and has great character. It is certainly not air-tight, and I've become accustomed to wrapping up on a couch blanket in the evening. 
I've been here several years, and I decided it is time to make sure this isn't a haunted house.

I looked up the possible contractors that can help determine what is needed to make my home cozy and as energy-efficient as this old barn can be. When I looked through the options. One company stood out. There were real people, owners with many years experience coupled with professional education, and living right here in the Sacramento area. I decided to call Brian at Guardian Home Insulation. He answered! Amazing, a responsive service contractor. That's the kind of service I give my clients, and that's what I want for my projects.

I suspect this Halloween will be a cozy, ghost-free celebration in my old house.
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